Monday, June 26, 2006

Why should Indians living in Portland care about this issue ?

Why is this issue so important for India's future ?
What is "Youth For Equality" ?
Why should I care about it ?
What can I do about it ?
Can we really make a difference ?

These are all relevant questions for Indians living in Portland may ask.

  1. Caste based Reservations and other Indian Govt's policies based on caste or religion can end up dividing Indian society and dilute meritocracy, which can seriously undermine Indian democracy and slow down economic progress to say the least. It can also seriously damage India's brand image which has taken decades to build, and which has been a matter of great pride for all of us. The consequences can be even worse.
  2. India is vital to global economy and most major US companies. India is our birthplace, our heritage, our history, our cultural identity, a place which a home to many of our families and friends. It is a country that has given us a is time to start giving back.
  3. Youth For Equality (YFE) started as a protest by students against Indian Govt.'s decision to dramatically increase reservation in colleges as well as private companies. It has now grown into a global movement, a spontaneous revolution, to put an end to of reign of self-serving and corrupt politicians, and bring in a new era of clean and transparent style of Government.
  4. Indians in Portland can do a lot about it. We can help YFE grow stronger by providing all possible support since in this internet age most thing can be easily outsourced anywhere. We are already an active member of the YFE movement and together we can help them with our various skills and years of experience. We can use media to change public opinion and help elect good and visionary leaders. We can also influence our family and friends in India, who do vote in elections.
  5. What can YOU do about it ? Learn more about this issue and YFE movement by visiting the links on this page. Get hold of one of the core team members in Portland and join one of our meetings. Come and meet a lot of new people with a passion to do something for India. Email and Phone contact information is provided on this page. Time to stop being only a passive spectator...time to become an Activist and Do Something !

Friday, June 16, 2006

Y4E - Portland Support Group: Core team gathering

A group of professionals and students from Portland meet on June 11th to form the Portland Support Group for Youth For Equality (Y4E). Our aim is strengthen the the global Y4E movement for Equality in all possible ways.

We discussed how that current Indian Government's discriminatory reservation policies can seriously harm India's progress towards a stronger democracy and a richer economy. All of us felt that we can make a huge difference through our cordinated efforts.

Our team is launching an awareness campaign to reach out to thousands on Indians living in this area to enlist their support for Y4E movement. We will have a huge gathering on July 8th in Portland, Oregon. More details to follow soon.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Y4E Gathering in Portland on Sunday, June 11th

Join us for a peaceful gathering on Sunday, June 11, 2006, from 2-3 pm at THPRD park at 15707 SW WALKER RD (Intersection of 158th and Walker Road) as a show of our support for the global Youth For Equality (Y4E) movement. Come to sign petition and network with people with similar views and discuss next steps. Please turn up in large numbers and strengthen our stand with your support

Contact Avinash at 503-880-5038 or Indra at 503-579-1159 or Shiv at 503-470-0228 for more details

Monday, May 29, 2006

Support Youth for Equality (Y4E)

Calling all people of Indian origin living in pacific northwest to support Youth for Equality movement and be part of a spontaneous global revolution currently in progress to free India from discriminatory caste base reservations.

What We Stand For

The Govt of India has recently decided to implement 27% caste based reservation in all higher educational institutes in the country. While we have our personal opinions on whether reservation in any form is good or bad, we unanimously believe that the current POLICY and IMPLEMENTATION is wrong, not backed by facts or figures and motivated only by caste based vote politics.

Various organizations and individuals have urged the Govt to justify its move and provide more transparency on this policy intervention, which is going to directly affect many people and influence the social and economic future of the country. Lack of any response from the Govt on the above demands has raised concerns that the policy may be motivated by personal agenda rather than national interest.

The goal of this group is to unite together and send a strong signal to the Govt of India that in a democracy, people want more visibility to Govt decision making. Our aim is to urge the Govt to justify whatever policy it comes up with, and to back it with facts and figures.

Let us unite together and show solidarity to thousands of people actively protesting in India and send a strong message to the hitherto deaf Indian Govt that Indians all over the globe unanimously oppose its non-transparent functioning on this issue.

What We Demand

  1. An expert committe be formed comprising of apolitical eminent experts of repute to review the current caste based reservation policy of the Govt. The objective of such a committee be to explore various approaches to affirmative action not limited to reservations.
  2. Till such a committee comes out with its recommendations, the implementation of the current caste based reservation policy be put on hold.
  3. The recommendations and analysis of such a committee be made available to public.

How can you help?

  • Help spread the word: You can help us by spreading the word to as many people as you can in Portland regarding this event. You could do it through personal blogs, emails, word of mouth or other more innovative ways.
  • Volunteer for organizing: We need volunteers for organising this event. This includes event management, creating posters/placards, direct marketing, running the signature campaign etc.
  • Participate: Most importantly, come to the event, invite your friends and family and help us make this event a big success